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Excerpts from Jonathan Miller’s film “Whistle and I’ll Come to You” (BBC 1968), from the BFI VHS (2001)

Based on MR James’ story “Oh, Whistle, And I’ll Come To You, My Lad” (1904)

Music excerpt from “A Donwich Dirge” by Xenis Emputae Travelling Band, from the CD-R “The Suffolk Workings” (Larkfall, LACR001, 2002)

Dreamcycles in perpetual motion… first part of a four-hour special on Coil. Shame about the sound quality, but contains some rare materials and interviews.

An ode to Jhonn Balance.
The first of many.

Follow the fox
Through tangled time
Through the clouds of ash
And the copper moon
To the palace of birds
To a shadow garden
Where the hawthorn grow.

As usual: headphones recommended.

Some images from the appendices to Anthony Ashton’s Harmonograph: A Visual Guide to the Mathematics of Music (2003).


Alpha by Hawthonn

Phantom words.